Planned Giving

Our Mission

Our Mission:

Partnering with the community to provide access to high quality care for all who need it.

Knowing that the end-of-life journey can be filled with pain, fear and uncertainty for both the patient and the family, we commit to building philanthropic relationships that bring donor joy and ensure high quality, accessible care for our community.

Our Vision:

Compassionate, trusted care is accessible for all who have serious illnesses.

We envision a world filled with compassion and generosity, concern for one's neighbor and a willingness to help.

Our Values:

Compassion. We are a Companion for the Journey

Balance. Seek Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit

Respect. Each Person is Honored

Integrity. Be trustworthy in All Things

Teamwork. Together Everyone Achieves More

Excellence. We Dream More (than others think is practical) and Expect More (than others think is possible)

Resilience. We Recover and Thrive from any Challenge or Change